About Us

Based out of the UK, OSCE Online is an advanced learning platform with interactive courses curated by in-house clinical experts with over a 100 years of combined experience. OSCE Online education is delivered through a combination of live online class, interactive videos, presentation lessons, white papers, quiz’s, detailed assessment and mock exams. Our group has successfully trained over 1600 candidates and delivered over 10, 000 hours of
training. Trusted by the NHS and Private hospitals, OSCE online promises to more than just inform; OSCE Online is going to excite, inspire, and actively engage with nurses though high quality content, polished, design and easy navigability. The course curriculum is developed after years of analysing the OSCE exam and its results. With modules being updated continuously, OSCE Online will educate you on the right areas of the OSCE. Our extraordinary high pass-rate is a function of focused education on key areas.

OSCE Online is founded by Helen Romnes of My Nurses life and Varun Khosla of Dynamic Health Staff

Over the last 40 years, DHS has placed over 25000 healthcare candidates in over 24 countries. We run 13 offices in 7 countries with a team of 200, focusing solely on international recruitment. We work with over 115 hospitals in 8 countries focusing on healthcare recruitment sourcing our candidates from India, Europe, UAE, Philippines & Malaysia. Varun Khosla serves as Managing Director.

Helen has been in nursing since she was 18 years old, qualifying in 1996, and working within the NHS on various wards and units. She has experience in the community setting and has spent a lot of her career in emergency care and complex care. She has nursed both adults and children in the UK.  Helen serves as Founder and Lead Trainer.