Life after lock-down


Nurses are saying they can’t wait to join the permanent register, being on the temporary register has left many feeling like they are in limbo. They have several concerns, many are scared about their Visa’s running out, although the NMC has stated that this will not happen, and processing will be put on hold and expiring documents will be upheld.

Some are feeling they are not being treated as a fully registered nurse by support workers and registered nurses alike. It’s a difficult to be a nurse in the UK, there is no doubt about that. My advice is to stay strong, join a group, like our Facebook or WhatsApp group for support and advice. (add links here)

This is a more testing time than ever and the fear of Covid19 and the changes it has made for plans for our loved ones travelling to the UK has put extra pressure on all non-UK nurses.

We were told at lockdown that the test centres would close until June 15th, but now we hear they are making plans to reopen, but a date has not been set. So, the 15th June is not the viable date for reopening, particularly as social distancing and santitation measures must be put in place and agreed by the relevant authorities

The test centres have issued a statement on 8th June to all candidates who registered for the OSCE and had it cancelled, to say that the test centres are closed for the meantime, and that they will give at least 4 weeks’ notice from approval of re-opening to the first test held.

As a result of COVID 19 we have been unable to undertake testing at the CTC since the 25th March.  Many of you have been in touch enquiring when we will reopen. We understand it is a very difficult situation for everyone, but personal safety is paramount (both for Candidates and CTC staff). 


We wanted to advise you we are working closely with the NMC to plan reopening in line with government strategies and have an opening plan ready to ensure social distancing for a safe place for candidates and staff. Once we have approval to open we will be in touch; this will provide at least four weeks’ notice to you from approval to the first test


We will have additional advice on how the OSCE will run with social distancing which we direct you too once this is all live.


Ulster Uni also mentioned helping candidates with flights and accommodation options:

We will be able to advise you on flights as well as additional accommodation options we have secured to facilitate access to the OSCE at Ulster.

Life has no doubt changes dramatically for all nurses, but I feel the overseas nurses are subject to the most difficult time ever. Many who have not registered for the OSCE already cannot join the NMC temporary register and are paid and treated as carers. This is highly frustrating not to mention may leave them in financial difficulties.

We hope this situation changes soon, and we know it will be within coming weeks or months, but hold on in there we are all in it together.


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