What Makes our Online Course Stand Out


Our online course is superior to anything else available, as we give only the information required to pass. It’s very focussed on the contents of exam and minimises the need to read around the subject, which is actually counterintuitive.

Having attended many OSCE training sessions with the universities and OSCE conferences, we implement our insider knowledge to ensure the course includes only the information needed to pass. Any changes in the OSCE are included and we stick to the criteria of the exam completely.

We discuss all the areas that you could fail, and simplify and demystify the entire exam. Our explanations of the charts and forms you will encounter in the course are thorough and accurate. We consolidate learning using many different mediums such as audio, video, text and plenty of quizzes throughout.

User engagement is paramount to us, and we have listened to user feedback to improve and develop the course where possible.


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