The OSCE is a modular exam, with many different skills and themes, standardised by the NMC to reflect the abilities expected of a newly registered nurse. They are tested on communication, documentation, professionalism, and infection control, as well as other qualities through demonstration of skills and problem solving through the nursing process.

The clinical skills section of the exam focuses on them being proficient in 10 skills, but they will be tested on any two of these on the day of the exam. 

We have simplified the steps of these skills the online programme, which they can access until their exam is taken.

We familiarise the nurse with the criteria of each station covering all skills, demonstrating what they need to pass and what is a major mistake or a critical fail.

We also cover in the APIE teaching, the different patient assessments, their typical assessment charts, care plans, drug charts, transfer and referral letters, along with their common problems and concerns. We go through how to deal with their issues, whether general, or specific to that type of patient, i.e. chest infection, head injury or depressed

We have found the feedback from all nurses and employers has been excellent. This online course has been used for 18 months and the feedback is brilliant.

Our new OSCE online course, has extra content and is far more user friendly and interactive, many more quizzes, videos and also weekly live seminars they can join. We have a social media group on Telegram, where nurses can ask OSCE related questions, and hear others’ exam experiences.

Preparation is the key to passing the OSCE and walking in feeling confident, means having a system in your mind of how to approach that patient or skill. The course will help the nurse to become familiar with the structure of the exam, the layout of the rooms and the expectations of the examiners.

In our online training, each module breaks themes and content of the exam down, and is far simpler to understand than reading the sometimes convoluted Royal Marsden Clinical Skills handbook, the book the skills steps are taken from in the exam.

Although, everything is assessed using the NMC/ Royal Marsden Clinical Skills handbook guidelines and criteria, it is made more understandable.

We created an online training platform for nurses taking the OSCE, so they could prepare before entering the country, and also when here in advance of training. It means that they can practice extensively beforehand and then come to training with a good amount of knowledge and sense of what the exam is really about, maximising the time we have for practice rather than teaching.

The quizzes throughout help them to test their knowledge and the method of assessment and documentation etc is repeatedly demonstrated and assessed. They will have access to the course until their exam and it is great way to kick-start their programme of revision, with most nurses requiring a month or more to prepare for the exam.

Many professionally made videos demonstrate the skills and APIE, and increase the nurse’s understanding of the steps. The course is designed to reduce time spent reading unnecessarily lengthy texts on irrelevant scenarios and extended assessment skills not required in the OSCE. Unfortunately, the test centres do not give the nurses any relevant scenarios to work with, and they are left feeling hopeless if they go to the exam unprepared.

A systematic approach is continuously taught, through text and videos, with main themes being repeatedly taught and assessed.

Critical failure points are focussed on, with nurses given exposure to actual scenarios in the OSCE, rather than example ones. Common problems are highlighted, and the quizzes reiterate these, to ensure nurses are retaining and understanding vital parts of the exam.

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